Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Made in the Shade describes Roman shades for your Prescott home

Made in the Shade can create elegant custom window treatments like Roman shades for your Prescott home.
While Roman shades have not been a highly sought-after window treatment for some time, in the last few years they have begun to make a resurgence. This type of blind can be full of character which can brighten or accent any room. Made in the Shade wants to educate Prescott homeowners on the benefits of Roman shades.

If you decide that Roman shades are right for your home, it will be necessary to determine which style of Roman shade to use. There are two types: Flat and Waterfall (or Hobbled). Choosing the style that best fits your design will help bring the elements of a room into one cohesive piece.

Flat Roman Shades
This type of shade offers many bold design choices. It is created using a single piece of fabric. This continuous fabric provides a simple and casual look which is ideal for displaying the colors and patterns of the shade. This single fabric panel is pleated which allows it to fold uniformly. While it may have a casual feel, you can use any fabric which could showcase a complex design.

Waterfall Roman Shades
The Waterfall (or Hobbled) shade is also made using an individual piece of fabric. However, it is not pleated which can offer a different room feel. When the shade is pulled up, it simply bows in the middle instead of stacking like the Flat Roman shades. The Waterfall shade adds a sense of sophistication that you do not get from other shades.

Choosing the right shades for your room is both exciting and challenging. Take the time to compare your options, and choose what works best for your space. If you have questions about the best shades for your Prescott home, call Made in the Shade at 928-308-9998 or contact us online at

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